r5.i1.gitNullroute CA r5.i14 weeks
r5.root.gitNullroute CA r54 months
r0.gitNullroute SSH CA r0 (ecp384)11 months
r1.gitNullroute SSH CA r1 (ed25519)6 months
equal-website.git[Archived] Website of equal.cluenet.org9 years
fishbot.git[Archived] Fishbot6 years
hostkey-scanner.git[Archived] Tools to monitor servers for hostkey changes11 years
nanobot.git[Archived] #clueirc's nanobot10 years
nush.git[Archived] New User Shell8 years
tools.git[Archived] Various CLI tools for server management6 years
website.git[Archived] Cluenet's temporary website2 years
atom-gtk-dark-theme.gitMirror of years
djberg96-krb5-auth.gitdjberg96/krb5-auth12 years
dmenu.gitFork of dmenu7 months
fortik.git[no description]
gale.git[Mirror] Gale instant messaging system3 years
gummiboot.gitGummiboot EFI bootloader (before systemd-boot merge)6 years
hpsa-raid.gitMirror of a HP SmartArray RAID5 driver found on the internet5 years
htop.gitFork of htop with VRAM gauge and other tweaks6 months
ichatd.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.5 years
irssiotr.gitfork of irssi-otr12 years
kcrap.gitMS-CHAP implementation for MIT Kerberos KDCs13 months
libixp.gitCopy of the (dead) libixp library for 9p communications
libutempter.git[no description]13 months
linux-pam.gitfork of Linux-PAM9 years
locknroll.gitfork of Pidgin's locknroll-1.18 years
ndppd.gitNDP proxy daemon13 months
ocspresponder.gitPython OCSP responder library (fork of threema-ch/ocspresponder)7 months
openssl-tpm-engine.gitAll the forks of openssl-tpm-engine for TPM 1.25 months
osfdce122.gitMirror of dce122.tar.gz
smbnetfs.git9 years
sonata.gitfork of Sonata MPD client9 years
swaks-gssapi.git[Mirror] Swaks (Swiss Army Knife for SMTP) with GSSAPI auth support3 months
tree.git'tree' patched for better UTF-8 locale support (upstreamed)5 years
wget.gitwget with xattr patch5 years
wmii.gitCopy of the (dead) wmii window manager
bin.gitMirror of hours
dotfiles.gitMirror of hours
website.gitgrawity's website4 days
arch-secureboot.gitSecure Boot kernel image generation for Arch Linux6 months
asciifs.git[no description]9 months
auca.gitPAM hack to reuse login password for other stuff7 years
betterbot.gitApparently an attempt to write an IRC bot in PHP?6 years
dzenify.gitWrapper to turn dzen2 into a libnotify server6 years
eggdrop-sasl.gitMirror of months
eggdrop-scripts.gitLess useful Eggdrop Tcl scripts6 years
eggdrop-ts6.gitTS6 server link script for Eggdrop 1.65 years
evilgrawity.gitChannel protection bot5 years
finger-webclient.gitweb gateway for the Finger protocol3 months
foobnc.gitincomplete IRC bouncer written in PHP6 years
getpaste.git[Mirror] Script to scrape plain text out of pastebin2 months
icewarp-tools.gitIceWarp Mail Server tools4 months
libident-php.gitPHP snippet for making Ident protocol queries3 months
monoff.gitpower-saving screensaver9 years
mq.gitexperimental message bus thingy7 years
myq-tools.gitMyQ (aQrate) print server scripts4 months
nullca.gitNullroute CA main repository2 months
obml-parser.gitMirror of months
pam_sd_console.gitlike pam_console but for systemd7 years
patches.gitbug fixes and stuff6 years
paytab.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.4 months
pdf-extract-certs.gitExtract certificates used to sign a PDF document5 years
rfingerd.gitReverse proxy for the Finger protocol?3 months
secretsd.gitMirror of months
snarld.gitSnarl subscriber9 years
ssh-ca.gitSSH CA helper script6 months
ssh-publickeyd.git[Mirror] Server-side implementation of RFC 4819 for OpenSSH6 years
steamtoken.gitSteam Token OATH-TOTP reverse engineering5 years
sysnotify.gitsystem-wide libnotify client6 years
tpm_futurepcr.gitMirror of months
vssbackup.gitVSS-based backup tool for Windows XP, able to back up EFS-encrypted files4 years
wallnotify.git'wall' to libnotify bridge6 years
xinetd-conf.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.9 years
xkcd-uri.gitxkcd:// URI support for Firefox5 years
NTFSvolumeinfo.gitNTFS volume creation timestamp9 years
RunConsole.gitRun a process on the console session (Windows XP)10 years
WinlogonUnlocker.gitTool to unlock the workstation on Windows XP9 years
WtsMonitor.gitTerminal Services session event monitor for years
advent-magic-mode.gitPython port of the ADVENT magic mode script for TOPS-10-In-a-Box9 years
arch-nfs-systemd.gitArch Linux Systemd units for nfs-utils8 years
locale-check.gitFind common misconfigurations in system locale6 years
logind-sleep-handler-perl.gitExample for reacting to systemd-logind's pre-suspend events in Perl6 years
mpris-now-playing.gitRetrieving the currently playing song via D-Bus, in C and GLib6 years
pa-system-volume.gitPulseAudio "System Events" volume adjustment tool4 years
php-journal-follow.gitPHP class that wraps `journalctl --follow`; for years
sd_notify.gitExamples for implementing sd_notify() in various languages3 years
systemctl.gitSilly examples for querying systemd unit status via D-Bus4 years
x11-device-monitor.gitRun `xmodmap` for each newly connected input device17 months
x11-window-monitor.gitWatch the creation of X11 windows and their associated process IDs3 years
nullroute DNS zones18 hours
ocspd.gitOCSP responder for Nullroute PKI (LDAP backend)7 months
scripts.gitVarious scripts at /usr/local/bin7 weeks
webmisc.gitServers' web roots3 months website2 months
aur.gitArch Linux packages17 months
ocserv.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.6 years
accdb.gitMirror of months
ndpwatch.gitARP/NDP neighbour cache scraper and logger6 months
nullca.gitNullroute CA main repository2 months
rwho.gitMirror of months
tls-cert-check.gitMirror of months
ldap-tools.gitActive Directory student import & management8 weeks
bin.gitMirror of hours
dotfiles.gitMirror of hours
website.gitgrawity's website4 days